Doctor warns of the dangers of supposedly ‘fresh’ feminine hygiene products

A doctor has urged women not to feel pressured into using feminine hygiene products, remarking how such products aren’t marketed toward men.

Dr Karan Rajan, who educates his 4.9 million TikTok followers on everything from heat stroke to gut health, says women don’t need specific cleaning products to wash their genitals with.

As well as being unnecessary, such items can also be harmful, affecting bacterial balance and potentially resulting in “infections and all sorts of badness.”

Such concerns were highlighted such risks in a recent video, which has since led to Dr Rajan receiving plenty of praise for speaking out on an issue far too many people feel self-conscious about.

Dr Rajan said: “Our consumerist society has become an expert at creating products that we don’t need and then making us think that we need them.

“Specifically when it comes to feminine hygiene products, they perpetuate this myth that women’s bodies are dirty and need to be cleaned and fresh.

“Doing so can actually upset the bacterial balance down below, increasing the risk of yeast infections, vaginosis, and other conditions.

“This product is trying to jump on the idea of trying to control feminine odour but you don’t see the same thing for scrotal odour.”

He continued: “A vaginas natural PH is around 4.5, this is a little more acidic than it is basic. This helps to limit the growth of harmful bacteria and makes its own antibiotics, to stop external bacteria entering the system.

“Douching, feminine hygiene products, all that kind of stuff stops the balance of the vaginal microbiome. Leading to infections and all sorts of badness.”

One admiring follower applauded: “Omg say it louder!! What part of self-cleaning don’t people understand? Our bodies are a lot more sophisticated than people think!”

Another commented: “I’ve never thought about it before, but yes I’ve never seen the equivalent for men.”