Q&A for the 2010 HP LIFE Grant
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Q&A for the 2010 HP LIFE Grant

Thank you for your interest in applying or the 2010 HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) Grant - Request for Proposals. This blog is dedicated to your questions concerning the RFP Guidelines and the Application process. Please jot down your questions here and we will respond to them as soon as possible.


For more information about HP LIFE, please visit our 2010 HP LIFE Grant - RFP announcement at


Best of luck to all!

COE Team

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RFP2010 (COE)

Technology Informatics Design Endeavour:
I still have balance from my last year’s grant, can I still apply for this year’s LIFE program?

COE's Answer:
Of course, you can use the balance to continue your center’s trainings.  If your center is selected as a 2010 grant winner, you would have an additional $15,000 to further support training activities.
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Posted On July 19, 2010, 2:14 pm
RFP2010 (COE)

Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA):

1. A-5: Financial Resources:

     1.1 What kind of summary we need to provide?   

     1.2 Summary should be of organization or the past HP HELP Project?

     1.3 Do we need to provide only names of the funding sources?  

     1.4 Details should be of organization or the past HP HELP Project?

2. A-6: Offices and Networks: Kindly provide more details on this. 

3. B-8: Kindly provide more details with some example 

4. C-1: SEWA can reach about 10000 trainees, for the same we need to have some more details before committing the same:

   4.1 What will be the project duration?

   4.2 What will be the grant amount?

   4.3 How many trainers would accommodate in TOT?


COE's Answer:

1. A-5:

1.1 Please provide the figures of total annual budget of your organization in the previous year of 2009 and the current year of 2010.  Also please indicate the percentage of the HP HELP Project budget to the total budget of your organization in 2009.

1.2 The summary should be of your organization.

1.3 Please provide the following information for each funding source i.e. the name of funding sources, the name of its supported project/program and the period of its supported project/program.

1.4 The details should be of your organization.

2. A-6:

Number and location of offices: Indicate a total number of your local/branch offices and the names of its cities/districts.

Number of offices in other countries: Indicate a total number of your branch offices overseas and the names of its countries.

Membership in greater networks:Indicate the membership of your organization in other networks domestically and/or internationally.

Partnerships: Indicate the partnership of your organization with other organization, institution, etc.

3. B-8:

Here you will provide a potential success case of a beneficiary of your HP HELP Project.  The outline should include: (i) the name and a brief profile of beneficiary; (ii) the name and the period of HP HELP training course that the beneficiary attended; (iii) other supports after the training, if any, that your organization provided to the beneficiary; (iv) a brief of potential impacts from the HP HELP training and/or the supports of your organization to the business and/or life of the beneficiary; and (v) when you expect those potential impacts may occurred to the beneficiary.

4. C-1

4.1 The yearly grant cycle is 12 months from August/September 2010 to July/August 2011.

4.2 As indicated on page 3 of the RFP, the grant includes: (i) in kind of US$30,000 for technology bundle and US$20,000 for the curriculum and the TOT session; and (ii) in cash of US$20,000.  Selection priority will be given to the organization that effectively demonstrates how to reach a maximum number of trainees trained.

4.3 A maximum of two trainers per grant recipient.  The TOT will be delivered in English in Bangalore, India during 27 September – October 1, 2010 and in Chinese in Chongqing, China during 20 – 24 September 2010.

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Posted On July 20, 2010, 2:07 pm
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